Congratulations! Your results indicate that you are most likely Vata dosha.


Vata:  The Artist

You are a creative force. You are bubbly, active and usually the life of the party. Schedules or routines are not your strong suit. You prefer spontaneity and are often on the go. Vatas enjoy the newest trends and can be found wearing the latest fashions, eating out at the new it spot or hanging out at the coolest new art scene.

Physically, you tend to be tall and thin or petite and thin with course or frizzy dry darker hair. You usually have cold hands and feet. Usually you have difficulty gaining weight. Your appetite tends to be erratic and Vatas like to eat on the go.  You tend to like cold light dry foods. Many Vatas tend to be Kundalini practicing vegans. This may not be the ideal for Vata doshas.

When out of balance, Vatas often experience dryness of hair, skin, and mucus membranes. They also tend to bloat and have gas. Vatas may also experience constipation, arthritis, pain that moves, and nervous conditions. Vatas also tend to become forgetful, anxious, nervous and fearful when out of balance.

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